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The Soldiers of Somerton

The Soldiers of Somerton

Nativity 2018

Just a few photos, taken by Clifford Reeves, of the wonderful Nativity, held in St James’ church. The play was a lovely start to Christmas, with many turning out to both watch and take part!  

May Day 2017

June 24th saw lovely weather for an exciting day of May Day celebrations.

St James’ Church by David Ross

St James’ church, Somerton   Rarely have I enjoyed a church so much as the Church of St James, Somerton. The church stands on a rise of ground on the south side of Church Street, looking out over the Cherwell Valley. The path leads past a gnarled apple tree, which was bright with pinkish blossoms […]

Windows on Time

Completed  East  Window The Windows in St. James’ Somerton, like the church and the village have a history which can be traced back over several hundred years.  The most famous stained glass window, the Whall window, is the subject of a separate presentation. But others are of considerable interest. Repair and restoration of some of […]

Easter Service

After the well attended Easter Day service we were greeted at the door by a lamb, how very appropriate.  Thank you Victoria and Tilly for such a lovely idea. The lamb distracted the children for well over a couple of minutes before the call of the Easter Egg Hunt beckoned.  Then it was off to […]

A year in the life – video by R...

On 11/03/2016, Rosemary Arnold hosted a wonderful evening in the village hall to present the first showing of the film ‘A year in the life of the village’.  This film was edited down for hours of footage of the village, filmed by Robin Corner of Jersey Manor Farm, Somerton. Robin spent many hours capturing the […]


A Russian Orthodox Service On Sunday 24th January 2016, during the week of Christian Unity and the Orthodox week of Theophany and with the Bishop’s blessing, we were delighted and privileged to welcome the Russian Orthodox Church of the parish of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Oxford to St. James for the “Blessing of the […]

Mid-Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan Forum

Mid-Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan Forum

MORE BIG CHANGES ARE COMING Cherwell District Council’s recently-adopted Local Plan requires a significant increase in numbers of new dwellings in the District. Major development is already under way at Heyford Park and we are likely to see an increase to a total of 2,675 homes by 2031.  So, there will be big changes at […]