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Rectors of Somerton



Index to the Parishes in the County of Oxford & Original Diocese of Oxford with lists of incumbents of each from the foundation of the See in 1542 so far as they are recorded in the Diocesan Register.

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C = by cession }

D = by death } Indicates vacation of benefice.

R = by resignation }

Date following name is the date of Institution (or in a few cases Induction}

Except when this abbreviation is given the name which follows is not necessarily that of the immediate successor.


1222 Ralph (formerly official of the Archdeacon of Oxford

1231 John de Crakhall (Crakehall)

1261 Walter de Cotes

1290 Robert Trevet (deacon)

1309 Richard de Ellesfield (acolyte)

1316-49 Richard de Gardinis

1349 Thomas Bassat (or Normanton) (D)

1349 Robert de Apultr (acolyte) (D)

1361 William de Merston

1377-92 William de Gardinis

1392 Robert de Wermingham

1397- ? Master Nicholas Hereford

1398 Richard Clyfford

1401-18 Robert Marying

1418- ? Richard Compton

1418-52 John Aston (R)

1452-? William Bragges

14 ? John Rowse (D)

1479 John Wright (R)

1496 Thomas Humberstone

1498 Robert Sandyforth? (R)

Roger Southforth?

1504 Robert Birche (D)

15? – ? Robert Nelson

1537-52 Robert King

1552 Thomas Gardyner (C)

15 ?-58 Edmund Garret/Garsett (D)

1558-59 John Mitchell

1583-85 Richard Harrys (C)

1615-33 William Juxon LLB (C)

1633- ? Thomas Walker DD (C)

1647-60 Gap in Church Registers

1660- ? Miles Sandys

1664-? Henry Walker

1665-1709 Samuel Jemmatt

1713-19 Edmund Marten/Martin LLB (R)

1719-22/4 John Cobb LLD (D)

1724-28 George Fletcher MA (R)

1728-69 John Watson (D)From 1769-1850 the Parish was considered too small & poor to support a resident Priest.

1769-1804 Barfoot Cotton MA (D)

1804-31 Henry Wintle (C)

1831-61 Robert Cox Clifton (D)

1861-75 William Henry Price (C)

1875-1923 George Edward Barnes (D)

1923-39 G. L. Merchant (R)

1939-49 T.V. Ruddock

1949-57 W.P. Hares

1957-59 T.W. Moyle

1959- 81 Clifford C. Rhodes (R)

1982-93 Ven. John Hewitt Wilson (R) [chaplain to the RAF]

1993-2002 Noel James



Parish Registers of Rectors, Curates & Church Officers.

Names appear in Registers with the first date of mention & the year of burial if local. This shows that from 1767-1813 the parish was served by a succession of short-stay curates during the incumbency of the ‘ever absent’ Barfoot Cotton.


1627 John Creek [subs. as curate]

1631 Robert Kendricke

1638 James Willmer [died 1641]

1650 Edward Archer

165? John Fenwick

1672 ? Slatter

1683 William Chapman [buried 1685]

1685 Samuel Lowe [Rector of Hardwick in 1709?]

1689 Richard Keyt

1691 Samuel Lowe [subs. as curate]

1709 Henry Tipping

1718 George Roberts

1720 Thomas Swallow

1767 John Russell

1770 William Harrison

1771 Thomas Brown

1781 Edward Turner

1787 John Horseman

1788 J. Hind

1792 Dorminy Rasbotham

1794 Robert Kening

1801 George Webb MA

1809 W.H. Clerke

1810 Robert Dickenson

1813/5 William Nicholson

1827 Henry Wintle Junior [buried 1830]

1836-40 John Jordan

1840 Edward Marshall

1846-50 Charles Reed Clifton BA

? T. Morgan

? W. Johnson

1853 Oswald Pattinson Sergeant BA

1857-61 John Aldworth


{1} In 1707 Samuel Lowe’s fees were :-

for burying a corpse 1/-

for publishing banns of marriage 1/-

Every inhabitant in the parish of age to communicate 2d to be paid at Easter called ‘offerings’.

{2} In 1817 Henry Wintle recorded difficulty in obtaining payment of 1 guinea for ‘opening the ground’ of the Fermor vault in addition to his fee of 1 guinea. This was eventually paid byu the family’s steward.

{3} In 1828 the extra guinea fee was paid without demur for another Fermor interment.

{4} The executors of the late T.T. Ramsay paid ?2.10.0d to the Rector to open the vault and a surplice (sic) fee of 6/8d to the curate.


  1. mrs susan nicholson's Gravatar mrs susan nicholson
    July 16, 2012    

    hello i dont know if im on the right site however on friday 13th july i came over to somerton church to put some flowers on my late husband grave only to find that some one has taken the vase that was put there back in the 80s the grave in quistion is that of mr kevin peter bishop i was most up set to find it gone

  2. Roger Moore's Gravatar Roger Moore
    August 15, 2015    

    Hello, I would like to contact the present Rector of Somerton to obtain permission when the time comes to intern my ashes in my perants grave.

    Yours sincerely Mr R moore.

    • August 16, 2015    

      Dear Roger. I shall forward your request to the present Vicar who I am sure will be able to help you.

      Regards. Rosemary

      • Roger Moore's Gravatar Roger Moore
        August 16, 2015    

        Dear Rosemary. Many thanks for your prompt reply and help in dealing with my request,, I will await the present vicars reply.

        Warm regards. Roger.

        • August 17, 2015    

          Dear Roger. Just to warn you that the Vicar is apparently away until 1st September. I have sent him a message but shall follow it up on my return.

          Regards Rosemary

  3. Roger's Gravatar Roger
    August 17, 2015    

    Dear Rosemary. Many thanks for your support.

    Regards Roger.

    • September 1, 2015    

      Dear Roger

      I have had a reply from the vicar today which he would like me to pass to you. However it would be easier to do it by e-mail, so if you could send me your address I shall do so. It is a bit complicated. Sorry this has taken so long but Stephen didn’t pick up his messages whilst on holiday.

      Regards Rosemary

    • September 1, 2015    

      Hello again Roger

      If you go into the Home page, then Contact us you will find my email address and ‘phone number.


      • Roger Moore's Gravatar Roger Moore
        September 5, 2015    

        Dear Rosemary,
        Sorry I haven’t replied to your email until now but I have just returned from a weeks holiday and have been without the internet. I have tried as you suggested going on to the home page to get your email address and phone numbers but all that comes up is an areial view of the Village, sorry I must be doing something wrong any other things I can try?. This is my email address anyhow. oakside27@googlemail.com .


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