A little village with a lot of history....

Social Club


8.30pm to 11.00pm. The club opens its bar every Thursday with drinks being served at very reasonable prices. Come and join us.

All welcome.




May 09th “Italian Supper” experience the tastes of central Italy, no pizza, no pasta, just good old fashioned country cuisine.

May 15th Film Night

May 23rd Eurovision. Join us for another great evening with Minna’s fish & chips and, of course, the bar will be open. All this for only £10. To book contact Tony: callow.tony@gmail.com

June 12th Film Night

June 13th Quiz Night. Come test your brain cells! For just £5 which also includes bread and cheese. To book dunning.kate@gmail.com

June 26th Call My Bluff -Wine Tasting. Testing your skill and knowledge of wines. Join us for a light hearted evening of wine tasting. Contact: suemuir_muir@hotmail.com

July 03rd Film Night

July 11th French Night (Bastille Day) fresh cooked French food. An enjoyable evening with good company.

September 05th Pudding Club do you often find after a hearty meal no room for dessert? Well join us for a starter and then prepare yourself to taste a selection of scrumptious desserts. To book contact Shirley shirleymgrant@hotmail.co.uk

October 17th Skittles Evening this annual Somerton event makes for one of the the most popular and enjoyable events with the now famous bangers & mash. Contact Derrick derrick.kingdom@btinternet.com

December 12th Social Club Christmas Party (free to members) a great evening of Greek food and dance. The bar of course will be open for a marvellous community event. Contact Tony callow.tony@gmail.com

To be held at Barnes Memorial Hall

Look forward to seeing you…

If you would like to receive regular updates please email somsocialclub@gmail.com