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Jubilee 2012 – How we were last time

For Jubilee 2012 we want to mount an exhibition of these photographs  of the villagers taken at the Jubilee in 2002. In the exhibition we should give the names (correctly spelled!) and addresses  for each.

Are you in the photo album? Is your information correct? Click to view the photos individually. The photos are named by number and then name. Please include this information in any messages sent. When you find your photo, please check the information. If it is incorrect or incomplete, please leave a comment in the comments box at the bottom of the page or alternatively, email rosemary deddlib@hotmail.com. Include the number of the photo and then the names (from left to right including pets if shown) and the address. If you spot the photo of someone who has left the village it could be useful if you give us those details too. Many thanks.

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  1. Linda Mitchell's Gravatar Linda Mitchell
    May 6, 2012    

    Photo 4. Marc and Arabella Loftus (parents) Caitlin next to Arabella and Jake and ?third child.
    Photo 13. Gerard and Gisela.
    Photo 48 & 49. Christine someone, lived at the top of the drive up to The Paddox (sold us a BMW)

  2. May 12, 2012    

    Pic 36 is of the Ryder family as it was then. We are now divorced and both remarried! Names are clockwise from the top left Steve Ryder (now in Defford near Worcester), Clare Ryder (now Clare Laight and in Bloxham), Sophie Ryder and Francesca Ryder. Address was Falcon Croft on Water Street, the house was renamed Meadow Brook in about 2004. We all left the village in 2006.

    • November 7, 2015    

      Thanks Steve.

      Did you know that Falcon’s Croft was so called because the resident was an American based at Upper Heyford who flew a Falcon aircraft?


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