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Nativity Service 2015

NATIVITY SERVICE The Somerton Nativity play took place, as is now tradition, on Christmas Eve at 4pm. A multitude of the heavenly host (average age 4), a donkey, three sheep, four wise (wo)men, a real baby Jesus and the Rt. Hon. Sir Tony Baldry (as Herod) assembled to entertain the congregation. As ever, there had […]

The Mid-Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan

Much more housing  is going to be built in Cherwell over the next few years, and with it will come the impact of increased traffic and other travel issues, and a need for more community facilities of all kinds. Our parish council is participating in the development of a new community-based Neighbourhood Plan for the […]

May Day

New May Day photo submitted – Mrs Ethel Smith May King – Daryl Grant May Queen – Lucy Arnold Elizabeth Arnold, Neil Clare, Emma Fox, Linda Gardner, Debbie Gatley  

Village Hall Photos

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High Sheriff Award

We Congratulate Rosemary Arnold recipient of a High Sheriff Award   These awards are made annually to recognise people in Oxfordshire who have made an outstanding contribution to the communities in which they live and work and who have had a high impact on the lives of others over a sustained period of time. They […]