A little village with a lot of history....

How to get involved


To become a part of the team, offer services, advice, share memories, information or anything you feel may be of use to the project please email : enquiries@somertonoxon.co.uk and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

To avoid excluding those without access to the internet, the Fermor Chapel will host a changing display of articles and related documentation. These can then be made the subject of meetings there so that the articles can be adapted to take account of oral comments. The display boards will be transportable so that the displays can subsequently be taken eg to schools or the Banbury Museum. A store of laminated hardcopy articles will be held in the church for use in future displays. The articles on specific features in the church will be mounted on hand held boards for visitors to carry round the church.



  1. John Tassell's Gravatar John Tassell
    May 14, 2012    

    What a lovely site you have produced – I wish all towns/villages had one it would make FH research even more interesting !

    I have been researching for a faqmily friend called Moore – the earlist relative that I have found of that name is Joseph Ambrose Moore born 1835 in Somerton – he came to Sussex and married a local girl in 1859 . I wonder if you have anything on the Moore family ?

    Many Thanks

    John Tassell

  2. John Webb's Gravatar John Webb
    June 14, 2012    

    There are relatives of the Moore family alive now and I am in regular contact with them all. The Moores of my generation were Frank and Reg who were the village butchers, but there were family members in other businesses. I can help.

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